Welcome to my world of digital art and graphics.  I create a fairly wide variety of artworks ranging from fantasy to landscapes to still lifes and realism.

I sell my artworks ranging from printable art for posters, cards, colouring books etc., desktop wallpapers, stationery and content for use by other digital artists (backgrounds, seamless tiles and textures).  I currently have stores at Etsy and Renderosity. I also have a selection of free wallpapers, screensavers and other items here on my site for instant download.

Take time out to browse around, and hopefully, you'll find something you like.

Please respect my Copyrights and do not share, sell or redistribute any artwork that you either download or purchase. Any items purchased as a Merchant Resource may be used under the licence included with the product.


The Guardian Of Coed-y-Croesbach

Deep in the heart of the Welsh countryside lies the ancient forest of Coed-y-Croesbach. For centuries, guarded and protected by an immensely loyal dragon named Draythorn. However, the passage of time has taken it's toll on not only Draythorn, but also the spirit of the forest itself, and Draythorn has to summon all his strength and courage to embark on a perilous journey to the centre of the earth to bring home the very essence of life to save his home and all who dwell there.

Hardback with high-quality paper and illustrations.

Previews coming shortly


Dragon Tarot Calendar 2024

Unleash the Power of Dragons: Each month, dive into the enchanting world of dragons with stunning triptych illustrations that bring these legendary creatures to life. This calendar features a unique dragon tarot card for every month Explore Your Destiny: Immerse yourself in the art of tarot as you uncover the secrets of your future. Alongside the breathtaking dragon artwork, you'll find carefully selected tarot card interpretations that provide guidance and inspiration for each month. Unlock the mysteries of the universe as you navigate your journey. Uncover the mysteries of the universe, harness the power of dragons, and navigate your destiny with this Dragon Tarot Calendar. Order yours today and embark on a year-long journey of enchantment and discovery! A Perfect Gift for the Mystic in Your Life, this calendar includes moon phases and Wicca/Pagan events.



Shadow's Journey Home

"Shadow's Journey Home" tells the heart-warming tale of a border collie born into a litter destined for sheep herding on a farm. Despite her best efforts, Shadow struggles with her herding skills and is eventually placed in a border collie rehoming centre. However, her life takes a beautiful turn when a loving family with two children adopts her. With unwavering loyalty and devotion, Shadow discovers her true purpose as a companion and protector in her new home. This touching story explores the resilience of love and the profound bond between humans and their canine companions as Shadow finds her forever home


The Hermit And The Dog Wolf

After meeting Dog-Wolf, deep inside his dreams, Hermit found himself in a large room with white walls; full of huge purple drapes decorated the windows. Outside, he could see a lush garden of flowers and plants and hear the sounds of many different animals and birds. In front of him stood a tall man wearing a long dark blue robe, and a cowl covered his head but Hermit could see a face. It was a long narrow face, with a pointed chin; and cheekbones high sat below light blue eyes that pierced the very soul of our Hermit. Hermit had seen this Spirit before, but not for a long time. It was Rardin, his teacher and guide from the other world.


Cute Dragons 2024


Thoughts On Suffering

Dedicated to St. Padre Pio

All of us say we do not want to suffer and yet each and every day, we cause more suffering to ourselves and support those who perpetuate suffering in others! And we say we do not want to suffer? What do we mean by 'suffering'. A 'word' defined and experienced by so many and yet understood, controlled and created by so few. Crucial to the centre of an understanding is firstly, to know that 'suffering' is always cured by unconditional love.


Jet - The Retired Greyhound

This is a heart warming story about a champion greyhound who reaches the time in his life when it's time to retire, to being overlooked in kennels for what seemed like a lifetime, to finally finding a home, and enjoying his retirement. After all his hard work, he deserved it. Hardback with high-quality paper and illustrations.



A Journey Through Time and Mystery



Short Stories For Long Nights



Portals of Wonder

Calendar 2024


Greyt Greyhounds Calendar 2024

A perfect gift for all Greyhound lovers